Education towards Citizenship


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O projeto Educação para a Cidadania, iniciado em setembro de 2018,  está sendo desenvolvido pela CEPIA, em articulação com a Secretaria Municipal de Educação do Rio de Janeiro, no âmbito do Programa Saúde na The Education towards Citizenship project, which began in September 2018, is being developed by CEPIA, in conjunction with Rio de Janeiro Municipal Education Department, under the Health in School Program.

With this project, CEPIA aims to broaden the knowledge and skills of students from public high schools and to strengthen their role in the defense of their rights, in the care of their health, in the construction of social relations with the school, with the family and the community, based on tolerance and respect for diversity. It also aims to broaden the channels of communication between teachers and students in transversal themes that are fundamental to contribute to the full exercise of their citizenship.

The activities included the development of workshops facilitated by Cepia’s youth team based on a participatory and horizontal methodology. It also includes workshops to teachers, and other professionals from the educational system.