The Criminal Law Forum of the School of Magistracy of the State of Rio de Janeiro (EMERJ) held, on May 4th, the Seminar The innovations on Maria da Penha Law – Law 14550/2023 – Protective Measures, coordinated by Judge José Muinõs Piñeiro Filho.

Leila Linhares Barsted participated as a speaker together with the Judge Marcos André Chut, the Judge Adriana Ramos de Mello, the Public Defender Flávia Brasil do Nascimento, the Police Station Chief Gabriela Von Beauvais, the Justice Promoter Eyleen Marenco who debated about the new Law that strengthens the protection of women in situation of domestic violence.

Law 14.550/2023, an initiative of Senator Simone Tebet, was sanctioned by the President of the Republic, in April 2023, and gives more credibility to the word of women in situations of domestic violence, granting emergency protective measures based on the word of the victim, instituting a summary judgment procedure. It also determines that these measures will be applied to all situations of domestic and family violence against women, regardless of the cause or motivation of these acts or the condition of the offender or the victim. Furthermore, the protective measures will be granted regardless of the criminal typification of violence, the filing of a lawsuit or the existence of a police investigation or police report, and will remain in effect as long as the physical, psychological, sexual, property, or moral integrity of the victim or her dependents remains at risk.

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