The Study Group on Abortion (GEA) promotes, on September 25, the  Open Meeting “Sexual Abuse of Children and Adolescents in Brazil and Abortion Provided by Law”. The event, which takes place on the eve of World Day for the Decriminalization of Abortion, will be opened by GEA Coordinator  Dr.Thomaz Gollop  followed by Jacqueline Pitanguy, GEA member, who brings a manifesto on the situation of women in Afghanistan.

The first panel, Reflections on the sexual abuse of children and adolescents in Brazil, will be attended by Luciana Temer, PUC/SP and Instituto Liberta, moderated by Daniela Pedroso, from the Regional Council of Psychology of São Paulo and a member of the GEA.

The second panel, Sexual Abuse Pregnancy: How Adolescents Face Legal Abortion? , will have the participation of Maria Misrelma Moura Bessa from UniFAP/NUEPESC-CE, moderated by Rute Maria Gonçalves de Andrade from GEA.

The event will be broadcast live from 9 am on the GEA Facebook page: