Leila Linhares Barsted, participated as an exhibitor at the First Colloquium of We: Training, Diversity & Social Inclusion, held in Lisbon, May 27th-30th, 2019, promoted by the Elas Fund, Secret Women’s Meeting and various portuguese feminist organizations, such as Muxima Bio, FemAfro, Center for Studies on Africa, Asia and Latin America. Other feminists from Brazil such as Madalena Guillhon, Amália Fisher, Sueli Carneiro, Guacira Cesar, Creuza Maria de Oliveira, Vânia Narciso and Federal Deputy Benedita da Silva were also present. The Colloquium was aimed to promote reflection on the issues arising from violence, especially gender-based violence, committed through the various forms of social, political, religious, intellectual exclusion, cultural or economic, ethnic-racial prejudice, discrimination on grounds of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation and class inequality. This was an opportunity to promote a dialogue between Brazilian and Portuguese feminists.