In this second issue of the collection Translating Legislation from a Gender Perspective, we seek to give visibility to the discrimination and violence suffered by women, highlighting the international instruments for the protection of human rights that should guide legislation, culture, and social practices so that Brazilian women can fully live out their citizenship.

To do this, we gathered the reflections of Leila Linhares Barsted and Flávia Piovesan and excerpts from the World Conferences held in Vienna (1993), Cairo (1994), and Beijing (1995).

The authors call attention to the fact that, despite the Declaration and the Action Program of the World Conference on Human Rights, held in Vienna, considering the promotion and protection of human rights priority issues for the international community, countless forms of discrimination and violence continue to affect women around the world.

Access the 1st reprint updated, 2001

As Mulheres e os Direitos Humanos