Sharing knowledge and strengthening dialogues in Covid-19 times


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The Project Sharing knowledge and strengthening dialogues in Covid-19 times was planned in the context of isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a partnership between CEPIA and the Health at School Program (PSE Carioca), through the Municipal Education Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro.

The project involves two online training modules with regular meetings. One of the modules is aimed at PSE Carioca professionals, including the departments of education, health and human rights and social assistance. The other module has as main audience students from the municipal education network, including moments with teachers and guardians. Among the topics covered are: emotional impacts of isolation, challenges and opportunities of the virtual world, impacts of isolation in the territories and areas of performance of professionals and how life skills can increase resilience and capacity to respond to the challenges posed. The meetings with teenagers also address puberty and the emotional and physical changes of this stage of life and gender equality in adolescence.