Puberty and girls empowerment


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The project aims to contribute for girls to experience their puberty in an informed, pleasant, free of coercion and responsible way, focusing on adolescents from 10 to 14 years, especially those with greater social vulnerability. It intends to approach puberty from the life cycle, understanding that this stage is experienced differently, depending on the age group.

Divided into two stages – planning and intervention – the Project aims initially to gather information through workshops and focus groups with diverse audiences in order to identify the main needs, demands and needs that affect girls, as well as existing services. The second stage starts from this diagnosis and involves training and workshops with adolescent girls based on participatory and inclusive methodology and with the use of materials developed by CEPIA to support these activities.

At the end of the project, CEPIA hopes to have contributed to the improvement of adolescents’ knowledge and skills, enabling more positive experiences of their puberty, greater autonomy and confidence, while allowing participants to act as multipliers of knowledge and experiences.