Partiu Papo Reto. Digital technologies: informing adolescents and young people on sexual and reproductive health


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The Project started in 2015 and aimed to develop an app to the youth on sexual and reproductive health and rights. In order to do so several workshops were held with adolescents and youth to better understand their gaps and needs on these issues and also to share qualified information with them. Focal groups were also organized with health and educational professionals. As a result of these meetings the app Partiu Papo Reto was developed on a collaborative basis, where the youth choose the name of the app, its visual identity and the its content. The app is available for download at the Google store and at the Apple Store.

The app aims to inform adolescents about their sexual and reproductive rights, about their health care, including the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, about gender violence and sexual violence, as well as the services and resources available to act as decision makers about their life projects and as multipliers of knowledge. Key services in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Recife are displayed in the app.

In addition to the application and funpage that carries the same name, several workshops were held with public schools and health agents. The project also included conducting research on youth perceptions and expectations of friendly health services. The Institute of Collective Health Studies of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IESC / UFRJ) and the RAP Program of Health of the Health Department of Rio de Janeiro were important project partners involving undergraduate teachers and students as well as health professionals in the debate.