Training health and public security professionals to assist women victims of sexual violence


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CEPIA worked in partnership with the Municipal Health Department of Rio de Janeiro training 142 professionals from multidisciplinary teams. The training resulted on the creation of a Network of Services for Attention to Victims of Sexual Violence, encompassing 6 emergency hospitals and 6 maternity hospitals.

Another important result of this project was the creation of a network of Services for Assistance to Victims of Sexual Violence, strengthening the joint work of several hospitals.

The following materials were produced under this project

  • Booklet Violence against women – A guide for advocacy, guidance and support;
  • Folders for users of the SUS system with the list of addresses of health services that serve women and girls victims of sexual violence.

“Pocket queues” material intended for physicians, containing the prescriptions prescribed by the Technical Standard of the Ministry of Health for these services.