Latin American barometer on women’s access to modern contraceptive methods


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Comparative research by the International Planned Parenthood Federation / Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF / WHR) in five countries – Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil, based on a model developed for the European Barometer in 2015. The research in Brazil was carried out by CEPIA and involved health professionals from the municipal and federal public sector, representatives of non-governmental organizations, academic professionals, all working in the field of contraceptive methods. The research compared the performance of the five countries in relation to eight indicators: 1) Development of policies and strategies; 2) General awareness about reproductive rights; 3) Comprehensive reproductive health and rights education; 4) Education and training of health service professionals; 5) Individual service and quality of services; 6) Refund; 7) Discrimination and 8) Empowerment of women through access to contraceptives.

One of the highlights of CEPIA was the importance of strengthening family planning policies in the context of the zika virus epidemic.

Access here the research (Portuguese version).