The program Viva Maria, with Mara Régia, in its February 23rd program, celebrates the 92nd anniversary of women’s suffrage in Brazil and highlights the role of suffragettes, women who fought for the expansion of women’s political rights.

Jacqueline Pitanguy was interviewed on the program and highlighted “it is very important, as women who go to the polls today and are the majority of the electorate, to know that there is a history of struggle behind this right. The female vote was an achievement”.

The program also uses excerpts from the first episode of CEPIA’s series of 3 podcasts on women and politics, with speeches by Branca Moreira Alves, historian and author of the book Ideology and feminism: the struggle for the vote in Brazil, about suffragist women, and Benedita da Silva, the first black senator in Brazil.

Access the full program here

Access the CEPIA podcast episode here Women and Politics: conquering spaces in power