On February 20th, the Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) held an online meeting with its partner organizations to reflect, exchange experiences and strategies in the field of autonomy and economic empowerment of women.  Nadereh Chamlou, member of  WLP Board and former senior advisor at the World Bank, brought important elements about an international panorama of the female labor force and the various  legal contexts.

The meeting brought together partner organizations from Turkey, Egypt, Senegal, Nigeria, Morocco, Palestine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mozambique, Jordan, among others. CEPIA was represented by Andrea Romani who commented that “training programs, such as those of CEPIA and WLP, which strengthen the self-esteem and leadership skills of women in their various fields of activity, questioning gender stereotypes that place women in the domestic sphere, also plays a role in contributing to women’s economic empowerment and to reduce risks of domestic violence”.