On October 19th, in continuation of the REDEFEM event – 35 years of the Federal Constitution: Advances and Challenges in the Effectiveness of Women’s Rights & 1st REDEFEM Congress, this time at the headquarters of the National Law Faculty of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, in the UFRJ Postgraduate Law Program (PPGD-UFRJ), the abstracts selected for presentation at this seminar were presented.

Mariana Barsted, a master’s student at PPGD-UFRJ, presented her research On unpaid domestic and care work done by women in the context of families.

Mariana says that “It’s important to be attentive to the reason for the discourse on ‘family’, remembering here that it is in the singular, within the unreal idea of the ‘ideal family’, let’s say in passing that it is a white, middle-class, heterosexual family, a correspondence to the idea of the ‘average man’ of the law. Alda Facio adds: an adult, wealthy, capable, heterosexual man, of the dominant race, ethnicity, class and religion in each culture. This is why the ultra-conservative discourse urgently needs to be rolled back, so that women can return to “their” place. It’s an idea that “it was better before”… almost saying “women, go back to your place, which is at home, looking after the house and the children, after all, the man is the head of the family”!!!

There will soon be a publication with the articles presented and debated at this seminar.