Throughout the month of July, the Youth, Reproductive Rights and Citizenship Course continued, a partnership between CEPIA and Ríos Rivers, an organization dedicated to advancing reproductive justice in Latin America.

The themes of the four classes developed in July included:

Reproductive justice: history and concept and Brazilian reality,  by Miriam Ventura, Emanuelle Freitas and Fernanda Lopes;

Sexual and reproductive rights in Brazil: legislation and public policies,  by Leila Barsted, Miriam Ventura and Ana Paula Sciammarella;

Religions, rights and public policies: reproductive autonomy, maternity and abortion,  by Maria José Rosado, Simony do Anjos, Camila Mantovani;

Abortion rights, international panorama and abortion rights in the Americas: challenges, setbacks and achievements,  by Sonia Correa, Mariana Prandini and Leila Barsted.

This course is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 29 and aims to bring university students and young activists elements to participate in this debate in a qualified way.

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