Throughout the month of June, several initiatives were carried out around the national and international day to combat child labor, which has sexual exploitation as one of its worst expressions. One of the activities was the event Protecting Childhood is Potentializing the Future of Children, held by FEPETI/RJ on June 20 at the headquarters of OAB/RJ.

The event was a joint initiative of the State Secretariat for Social Development and Human Rights – SEDSODH, the Municipal Secretariat for Social Assistance – SMAS, the Regional Superintendence of Labor – SRT/RJ, and the State Forum for the Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor and
Protection of Adolescent Workers in Rio de Janeiro – FEPETI/RJ.

The panels at the meeting featured speeches by representatives of the Public Defender’s Office, the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the Public Ministry of Labor, the National Secretariat for Social Assistance, among others. One of the panels, mediated by Debora Pinheiro, from CEPIA, was composed exclusively of teenagers who, through videos, speeches and slides, shared their understanding of child labor and ways to combat it, starting with ensuring education and food for all children. Also representing CEPIA were Andrea Romani, who is part of the FEPETI/RJ Collegiate Coordination, and Gabriel Brandão, who was the event’s master of ceremonies.