CEPIA, through its Partiu Papo Reto Program, launched a new  cycle of workshops with public high school students!

On April 14th, CEPIA’s  facilitators Gabriel Brandão and Kezia Sampaio went to Rivadávia Corrêa Public High School to collect suggestions by the students on  themes that the teenagers would like to talk about at school. The suggestions were deposited in a “box of concerns”. Based on the systematization of the different contributions, CEPIA prepared an agenda of trainings that will have as their guiding theme “Prevention of violences and a culture of peace”.

On April 17th, it was held the first workshop, out of a series of six, with  8th grade students. The workshop included a welcome, the presentation of the agenda and games and other participatory activities to better understand the group’s perception of the various forms of violence and strategies to promote a culture of peace at school.