On November 30th, CEPIA, in partnership with the NGO Abraço Campeão, held the last workshop of 2022 at the Henrique Dodsworth Municipal School for 8th grade students.

This workshop had the participation of Alan Duarte, founder of Abraço Campeão (Champion Embrace), who, through physical activities based on the concept of martial arts, conducted the first part of the workshop in the school yard. The objective of this meeting was to talk to the students about the inequality between men and women and help them understand that girls and boys can, and should, have the same rights, including in sports.

The second part of the workshop, which was prepared and facilitated by Kézia Sampaio and Gabriel Brandão, in the classroom, made reference to the 21 Days of Activism Campaign – From January to January for the end of violence against women – where movements, collectives, activists, and organizations reinforce the importance of confronting violence against women and gender equality, also goals of the 2030 Agenda.

CEPIA and Abraço Campeão are organizations funded by EMpower.

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