Suffrage is a podcast by Folha do São Paulo that seeks to understand why gender inequality in politics is still huge in Brazil, where women make up half of the electorate. The Lipstick Lobby (Lobby do Batom) episode rescues the history of the Lipstick Lobby in the 1987 Constituent Assembly and the role of civil society and female constituent deputies in approving more than 80% of women’s demands in the Brazil 1988 Constitution.  This episode had the participation of Jacqueline Pitanguy, former president of the National Council for Women’s Rights, along with Deputies Sâmia Bomfim (PSOL-SP) and Bia Kicis (PL-DF), senator Eliziane Gama (Citizenship-MA), indigenous leader and federal deputy Sônia Guajajara, political scientist Débora Thomé, a member of  CEPIA’s Board of Directors, and activist Amanda Menezes, from Girl Up NGO.

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