CEPIA is launching the publication Political Training and Capacity Building Meetings for Women: experiences, resistances and action strategies.

This publication is the result of 4 days of meetings, which took place in October 2021, with the support of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP), and the participation of women from Brazil and Lusophonic Africa, as well as experts on the theme of women’s political participation and gender-based political violence against women, from social movements, the justice sector and political mandates. We were joined by Thais Ferreira, Malu Heilborn, Tainá de Paula, Ligia Fabris, Silvana Batini, Simony dos Anjos, Rosalina Nhanchote, Barbara Libório and Janaína Costa, as well as CEPIA staff. These women brought their experiences in politics, with the objective of sharing with other women, to jointly produce knowledge and debate about the strategies for the promotion and implementation of the human rights of women, especially in the political field, achieving true equality and gender parity.

The publication includes a series of hyperlinks directing the reader to deepen her knowledge and an extensive reference bibliography, which includes recommendations for podcasts and films.

We are sure you will enjoy the reading and identify with the stories you will find there!

Let us know about your reading experience!

Access the publication Projeto_Encontros de Formacao e Capacitacao

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