CEPIA, in partnership with the Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP), launched its 10th edition of  the Training of Trainers (TOT) initiative. The training takes place online on July 25th and 27th  and on August 1st and 3rd , gathering a group of women from various backgrounds, including women from several Brazilian states, as well as participants from Angola and Mozambique.

In the face of the threats to  democracy that we witness in Brazil and threats to human rights defenders this year, the TOT has as main topic women’s empowerment and reflections on democracy and is based on one of  WLP Manuals that was recently adapted and translated by CEPIA, Beyond Equality: a manual for human rights defenders.

Based on a proposal for continued empowerment and strengthening of networks, at this edition of the TOT the coordination was held by CEPIA’s team along with Daniela Lopes, a former facilitator and participant in previous editions of the Training. Daniela is an actress and member of the Duque de Caxias Municipal Women’s Rights Forum. We also invite participants from the last edition of the Training to facilitate some sessions.

On July 27, Fernanda Vicari, former TOT participant and founder member of the Helen Keller Feminist Collective of Women with Disabilities facilitated one of the sessions on network and coalition building bringing her own experience of working in coalition to advance the rights  of women with disabilities.  Jacqueline Pitanguy was also a speaker at this day  sharing her  advocacy experience as President of the National Council for Women’s Rights in the constituent period.

The TOT continues in August on the 1st and 3rd.