The Observatório do Clima (Climate Observatory), through its Gender and Climate Working Group, is organizing the virtual panel Gender and climate change: actions and proposals based on the experiences of grassroots women acting in various territories at the Brazilian Conference on Climate Change (CBMC).

CEPIA, which is a member of  the Gender and Climate working Group, joins the Climate Observatory in this invitation. The panel aims to bring the debate of climate, gender, environmental justice and political participation into the CBMC, based on the voices of women advocates who work in the territories and that are pre-candidates for the October elections.

The table will take place on July 15 at 5:40 pm and will be broadcast live on Ethos’ Youtube.

The mediation will be done by  Joci Aguiar  GTA OC  and will have the participation of Vanda Witoto (Amazon), Ediane Pereira (Pernambuco), Xica da Silva (Minas Gerais) and Telma Taurepang (Roraima).

The complete schedule of CBMC’s virtual activities is available here:

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