CEPIA is in solidarity with the 11-year-old girl, victim of sexual violence, who had her right to a legal abortion denied by a representative of the judiciary and a member of the public ministry, who acted illegally and inhumanely, inspired by precepts incompatible with human rights, the secular state and the duty to protect children, as provided in the Federal Constitution of 1988 and the Statute of Children and Adolescents – ECA, and international instruments.

This case shows the institutional violence committed against the girl, removing her right to reproductive autonomy, to abortion, and putting her physical and emotional health at risk. The institutional violence also violated her right to privacy and intimacy, as shown in the audios that have been released, in which the girl is coerced by the judge to maintain her pregnancy.

Certainly this is one more child who, in Brazil, besides the sexual violence suffered, is re-victimized by the justice system by being prevented from having access to what the law allows her. The judiciary has an obligation to ensure that the health care institution does what the law allows, guaranteeing this girl access to an abortion; and to hold the judge accountable for the human rights violation she perpetrated.

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