CEPIA, an organization that has been fighting for more than three decades for laws and public policies that respect the human dignity of women and guarantee their  sexual and reproductive health and rights, expresses its repudiation and indignation at the recent document from the Brazilian Ministry of Health  “Technical Attention for Prevention, Assessment and Conduct in Abortion Cases”.

Among the various propositions that depart this document from the guidelines of the World Health Organization, it brings statements with the ideological objective of making even more difficult the already difficult access of Brazilian citizens to what is already their right, that is, performing abortion in cases in which it is not criminalized, that is, performing a legal abortion and that, under no circumstances, judicial, police or other spheres other than health should interfere in the care of legal abortion.

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Disclaimer from the Medical Network for the Right to Decide/Global Doctors for Choice and the Feminist Network of Gynecologists and Obstetricians

Nota repúdio_MS_aborto_2022_GDC_RFGO

Clarifications from NGO Anis about the Document from the Ministry of Health

Anis_Esclarecimentos sobre o documento “Atenção técnica para prevenção, avaliação e conduta nos casos de abortamento”