The National Forum of Judges of Domestic and Family Violence (FONAVID), whose mission is to promote actions that result in the prevention and effective confrontation of domestic and family violence against women, through the improvement and sharing of experiences among the judges that compose it, on June 6th, promoted a live, from the series FONAVID Conversa, with the theme The impacts of gender stereotypes in Family Courts and in the Courts of Domestic and Family Violence.

The live was conducted by Judge Katerine Jatahy, from Rio de Janeiro, and Judge Eldon dos Santos, from Paraná, inviting family law specialist Mariana Barsted, CEPIA’s program coordinator, as well as Judge Camilla de Jesus Mello Gonçalves, a family court judge in São Paulo.

The maintenance of gender stereotypes reinforces discriminatory practices and often generates women’s disbelief in the justice system. The incorporation of a gender perspective in legislation, public policies, decisions, and judgments is still a challenge to be faced by the Judiciary.

CEDAW’s Recommendation No. 33, on women’s access to justice, therefore becomes an important tool for legal practitioners who work in family courts, reinforcing the protection of women’s access to justice and guaranteeing substantive equality in fact.

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