CEPIA held the third meeting between mothers of teenagers on February 24th, with the theme How to be a friend, without stop being a mother? The meeting, facilitated by Karla Oldane and Andrea Romani, had as guiding questions:

  • What does it mean to be your daughter/son’s friend?
  • Do you think that the way you educate and be friends with your son changes the way you educate and be friends with your daughter?
  • Do you think that being friends with your daughter/son is letting him/her have his/her own dreams and goals – which may be different from yours?

This meeting, unlike the previous ones, in addition to the participation of mothers of teenagers,  also had the presence of a grandmother and a father,  bringing other perspectives and approaches to the conversation. All the participants are parents and grandparents of  Public High School Orlando Villas Boas, an important partnership of CEPIA in our activities with teachers and adolescents. Below are contributions from the group on what they understand by being friends with their daughters and sons: