Asma Kadher, a Jordanian lawyer, was a tireless defender of girls and women’s human rights. She held important positions in her country as Senator and Ministry of Culture and was founder and Executive Director of the Jordanian NGO Solidarity is Global Institute, aimed at offering guidance to women, especially those in situations of domestic violence, developing educational programs and advocacy actions for legislative reforms.

Asma passed away in December 2021, an enormous lost to the women’s movement. But her legacy remains very strong.

CEPIA, through its participation in the international Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP), had the opportunity to be with Asma Kadher in several occasions sharing and learning experiences. Asma’s story also inspired many young women who attended CEPIA’s training on women leadership with the text A Woman Can Make a Difference, based on Asma’s role as a young Jordanian lawyer.

To learn more about Asma’s trajectory, we recommend accessing this article, published at The New York Times.

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