The Fluminense Federal University, through the Extensionist Program Mulherio Weaving Networks and Transposing Challenges because resisting is caring and Caring is resisting, promoted the   Seminar Public Policy on combating gender violence against women in the city of Niterói, in the period of November 29th to December 4th.

The December 1 program was coordinated by professor Paula Land Curi,  Coordinator of the Mulherio, and had the participation of  Luciana Freire Murgel, who was part of the Compasso Extension Project, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, which proposes to carry out analyzes and discussions of government health advertisements. Jacqueline Pitanguy participated in the Seminar sharing her trajectory of activism in defense of the human rights of girls and women. Jacqueline began her speech by highlighting two Greek myths, the Manto de Penelope whose mantle is made and unmade as an analogy to advances and setbacks in the rights of Brazilian women and girls  and the myth of Pandora, where evil escapes from herm box, but hope remains, reflecting on the challenges of 2021.

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