On September 21st, CEPIA began another workshop cycle in partnership with the Municipal Education Department, Programa Saúde na Escola. The project, named Online Mentoring Project, gathers a group of public high school  students with weekly meetings aiming to improve their knowledge on the 10 life skills, share experiences about their youth and to develop knowledge multiplication strategies, acting as mentors with their peers. The meetings are facilitated by Debora Pinheiro, Kezia Sampaio and Lucas Marçal under the guidance of Thaís Silveira, psychologist and educator.

As a result, CEPIA expects to have the group of adolescents trained and able to multiply their knowledge among other students. We also plan to produce a handout that could be used by the students themselves in future mentorships. We also expect that by the end of the workshops the students have prepared workshop projects to be implemented by themselves at their schools.