FIPA  – International Festival Thinking about Acting: democratism, youth and technology – is approaching its third day. Today, June 6th, the theme of the table will be Security and Digital Citizenship.

The meeting will feature presentations by Janaina Costa, lawyer, researcher at the Institute of Technology and Society (ITS), Lucía Fainboim, Education Director at Faro Digital/Argentina, graduated in Social Communication Sciences and university professor, Allana Manchineri, young indigenous woman of the Manchineri people, militant of the indigenous women’s movement and member of the network of young indigenous communicators of the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (COIAB) and Franciélio da Silva Chagas, actor, producer and director, student of social work,  President of the Council Municipality of People with Disabilities of Iguatu/Ceará, LGBTQIA+ activist, with mediation by Kezia Sampaio, member of CEPIA.

The artistic presentation will be in charge of Tsami’e,  Xavante indigenous illustrator and designer.

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