Participants from the Regional Training of Facilitators (RTOT), promoted by the Women´s Learning Partnership and hosted by Forum Mulher de Moçambique in partnership with CEPIA, produced, during the training, the Video Save the Life of Women: denounce Violence.

Today, April 24, women from different regions come together in 24 hours of Feminist Solidarity.

To mark the date, the participants of the RTOT are doing a collective launch of this video that can be accessed here.

Here is the text that goes along the video:

Violence against women is one of the expressions of gender inequality.

Regardless of the country and culture, being a woman means being more vulnerable to situations of violence.

In this moment of serious humanitarian crisis. Pandemic, social inequality and armed conflicts result in an increase in the violations to which we women are exposed.

That is why we need to come together in a strong voice, without borders, for the end of violence against women.

There is an urgent need for policies that effectively protect us.

Join us and in case of violence report it, you can save a life!

If you, the woman who listens to us, suffer violence, don’t be silent, you are not alone.

In this video, you will find hotlines available in Brazil, Mozambique, Guine Bissau, Angola and Cape vert.


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