The Brazilian Network of Population and Development / REBRAPD will hold on March 31, starting at 5 pm, the Colloquium Human Right today: the global agendas of Cairo, Beijing and Durban in Brazil, broadcast live on https: // www.

The Colloquium will present the Brazil report on the 25 years of the International Conference on Population and Development, built on the face-to-face actions of the Cairo + 25 Brazil Platform, held in 2019 in all regions of the country, which culminated in the national Seminar Cairo + 25: Challenges of the Population and Development agenda in Brazil and will present the Brazil report on the 25 years of the IV World Conference on Women, built on the virtual actions of the Beijing + 25 Brazil Platform, held in 2020 that brought together 70 panelists black, indigenous, quilombola women, immigrants, youth and LBTI women from 17 states in the country.

The meeting will bring together activists including Edna Roland, general rapporteur for the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (Durban Conference) / 2001, Astrid Bant, representative of the United Nations / UNFPA Population Fund in Brazil, Anastasia Divinskaya , UN Women representative in Brazil, Jacqueline Pitanguy, former president of the National Council for the Rights of Women / CEPIA, Roberto Luiz do Carmo, president of the Brazilian Association of Population Studies / ABEP. CEPIA will also be represented by Kezia Santos, who along with other young people will participate in the session Durban + 20 in the voice of those who are 20.

The complete program can be accessed at:

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