On August 6th and 20th, CEPIA held the workshops peer to peer a straight talk among youth. These workshops are part of the Project Sharing knowledge and strengthening dialogues in times of Covid-19, a partnership between CEPIA and the Health at School Program (PSE) from the Educational Department of Rio de Janeiro. The workshops will take place from July to October gathering adolescents from various ages to address issues related to life skills, puberty, gender equality, masculinities.

These two workshops, facilitated by CEPIA’s young team, represented by Debora Silva, Debora Pinheiro, Kezia Yasmin, Lucas Marçal and Tabita Cristine, addressed themes related to puberty, adolescences, feelings and challenges. The target audience of workshops are students public high school s of Rio de Janeiro. The impacts of the pandemic related to the perceptions and challenges of the changes they are experiencing during adolescence were also addressed during the training.

When asked about how they define puberty, the students highlighted words that included: love, discovery, sexuality, transformation, among others.