This Monday, July 13th, the Child and Adolescent Statute – ECA (Law 8.069 / 90) turns 30 years old. This Statute is considered one of the most modern in the world with regard to guaranteeing the rights and safety of young people.

Melissa Telles Barufi, lawyer and president of the Commission for Children and Youth of the Brazilian Institute of Family Law – IBDFAM, highlights that the ECA is a legal device that, if put into practice, is capable of promoting a significant advance in the protection of children and adolescents. This is due to the fact that the rule is advanced and structured on fundamental principles, such as: the principle of the minor’s interest and the principle of absolute priority.

During social isolation, due to Covid 19, families are confined to their homes, leaving the most vulnerable without many ways to call for help, since schools are closed and the service network is working in a reduced way. Statistical data indicate that the aggressors are mostly people from the victims’ family and social circle. It is estimated that there was an increase of 50% in cases of child exploitation, even considering the underreporting and the silence of the victims.

The National Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents – CONANDA, issued 18 general recommendations to intensify the comprehensive protection of young people during the pandemic.

“It is important that everyone knows and makes use of the mechanisms and means available to request help when a child, adolescent, elderly person or anyone in a vulnerable condition is at risk of violence of any nature, through Dial 100 or Dial 180. Important not to give up on report or ask for help when any difficulties arise ”, concludes Melissa.

Source: IBDFAM

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