In early December CEPIA was surprised by a social media post by the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, in which she attacked Jacqueline Pitanguy in an offensive and morally unacceptable manner, because Jacqueline defended women’s reproductive autonomy and health.

Like millions of other Brazilians, Jacqueline understands that women’s human rights include their right to pregnancy interruption in cases provided for in Brazil’s legal framework such as rape, life-threatening and anencephaly, and to expand these circumstances. This theme is being democratically debated in the country including the Supreme Court (STF) and the National Congress.

In a secular and democratic state there should be no room for personal offense in this debate.

The attack on Jacqueline led to a Solidarity Note that in a few days reached over 600 signatures with the support of individuals and organizations from various countries on all continents.

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