The seminar “Let’s Combine?!”  which took place on October 25, 26 and 27th, was of great importance for the circulation of ideas, information and knowledge exchange among young people.
60 young people with different experiences were able to enhance their voices leading to debates about their subjectivities and specificities such as being black, peripheral and LGBTI + in society and with a gender perspective.

Promoted by the State Department of Health and with support from UNAIDS , the meeting was attended by institutions that operate in different areas, enabling the expansion of the dialogue on Combined Prevention. They are: ABIA, CEDAPS, Connection G, For Life, Bandeirantes Movement, Health Rap, Youth Network, RENAFRO and CEPIA, who participated in the event and also was involved in the planning process.
In addition to the exchange of knowledge on prevention, strategies were discussed with a broad view, realizing that the issue of health permeates several others, such as ethnicity, social context, sexual orientation, religion and diversity. Much more than just brainstorming, it was a space to exercise empathy since all participants’ life stories were heard during those 3 days. The program involved dynamics and tables on human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, youth protagonism, drugs and harm reduction, HIV and AIDS. Autonomy combined with self-care makes young people a more empowered information multiplier that strives for access to quality public health for everyone without distinction of color, class and sexual orientation.