Orlando Villas Boas Municipal School promoted, between September 16 and 20, the Adolescent Week.

Throughout the week several workshops were held on topics of interest to the students, with the participation of teachers, coordination and invited organizations. CEPIA facilitated, through its youth nucleus, four workshops, on September 18 and 20, dealing with topics such as Beauty Standards and violence, Youth Leadership and Leadership, Health and Youth and Power Relations and Gender.

Some of the messages left by the teenagers:

“Value yourself for what you are. Not what they want you to be! ”

“Never set beauty standards in your life. Accept you just the way you are. ”

“First we should treat women well. They must have the same rights as men. #MachismoOff. ”

“I think they should teach as a child that we are all the same and should have the same rights and duties.”

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