Leila Linhares Barsted, one of the authors of the Maria da Penha Law, gave the inaugural lecture of the 14th Specialized Class of the Citizen Justice Program (Justiça Cidadã), of the Department of Pro-Sustainability (Deape) of the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Justice. The class was attended by leaders of various communities in Rio.

The main speaker of the activity, Leila Linhares Barsted spoke about the human rights of women.

“It is important for us to present basically what human rights are at a time when these rights are being reduced. People don’t really realize the importance of these rights for our citizenship and democracy, ”she said.

The lawyer also addressed the achievements of women in recent decades, but stressed that much still needs to be done for women to have their rights equated with men.

“In fact we have a very progressive Constitution, very well designed laws, such as the Maria da Penha Law and the Feminicide Law. We have equality in the public and private space, but this has not necessarily eliminated all economic, social and political discrimination. And so little that it can reduce gender-based violence against women”,she mentioned

The course, scheduled for closing on September 18th, includes topics such as the role of Maria da Penha Law in guarantying Human Rights and the mechanisms and instruments ratified by Brazil in the Human Rights International System.



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