On May 18, the 4th National Meeting of Mothers and Families of Victims of State Terrorism began in Goiás. Family members discussed how to deal with this disastrous national slaughter.
Monica Cunha, from the Moleque Movement, is one of the organizers of the meeting.

The Moleque Movement is a movement that emerged in 2003, a member of the “Network of Communities and Movements Against Violence” in Rio de Janeiro. The Network is a social movement that brings together slum dwellers and poor communities in general, families of victims and survivors of police or military violence, and popular and human rights activists.

CEPIA understands the utmost importance of empowering women human rights defenders, especially those who have lost their children or relatives, to report violence, specifically violence committed by police or militias.

Visit the link to watch the video about past national meetings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nez1MQAYCf8