On May 7th, the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers, promoted the debate with the theme “Women and the environment”.

“In developing countries women are the first victims of environmental degradation. Globally, women have assumed the management and support of the natural resources that are part of daily life in villages, the most excluded segments around the world, community contingents, etc. In practice, even with men’s recognition of the importance of women’s participation in environmental issues, experience mirrors a very different reality. Thus, it is clear that gender relations shape the spaces for negotiation, as well as the practices of women’s participation in the public sphere related to the environment.

The following were present in this debate:
Rita Cortez (IAB National President), Leila Barsted (Lawyer, feminist, Cepia Executive Coordinator and member of the OAS Committee of Experts Committee to monitor the implementation of the Belém do Pará Convention), Admara Falante Schneider (Judge of the Forum Of Environmental Law at Emerj and the TJRJ Sustainability Commission), Flávia Braga Vieira (PhD in Urban and Regional Planning at IPPUR / UFRJ and Coordinator of the Extension Program “Technical and Educational Advisory Environment and Dams”) and the mediator Deborah Prates (Chairman of the IAB Women’s Commission, postgraduate student in Gender and Law at Emerj and activist for the cause of women with disabilities).