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Leading to choices: A Leadership Training Handbook for Women

Woman´s Human rights

Follow up of the national policies to combat violence against women

Advocacy in women´s human rights


Siga Bem Mulher Project or (Women go safe) developed by Cepia is a partnership with the Special Secretariat for Women´s Policies from the Fedparceriaeral Government of Brazil, Petrobras and the Caravana Siga Bem Caminhoneiro (Trucker go safe Caravan). Its main goal is to inform truck drivers from different parts of Brazil about violence against women on an preventive way. Among the issues addressed are Maria da Penha Law (the new national law on violence againts women), the 16 days of activism for the end of violence against women and the white ribbon campaign. Click here to view photos of this project.


This project is being developed by CEPIA with the support of WLP– Women's Learning Partnership and its main goal is to train a group of 8 women facilitators in order to disseminate principles and concepts of the publication Leading to choices: A Leadership Training Handbook for Women to a broader number of women, including adolescents, students, teachers from the Municipal Education Secretariat, community health professionals, religious groups and members of paper picker associations.


CEPIA has been presenting diverse educative projects for distinct public, directed toward the reflection on the advances and the existing obstacles in the Brazilian society in that the citizenship of about women, detaching the diffusion of the national legislation and the international instruments of protection to the human rights. Amongst these projects, the annual course of formation in women´s human rights is distinguished that, in 2007, will incorporate pupils of Angola and Moçambique.

This project has as objective to answer the urgent necessity of establishment of systematic and continuous joints between the services directed toward the attendance of women victims of violence. It is being placed in partnership with the SPM and the CEDIM/RJ.

This project includes a set of activities such as: promotion and participation in events, spreading in the media of the women´s rights technical assistence for the elaboration of law projects, national and international articulations, networking, all having as objective to improve the situation of the women in Brazil.

Violence Against Woman

Women`s Citizenship Project

Production of Educational Videos About Health and HIV/AIDS Project

Public Security

Qualification of Professionals of health to attend Women Victims of Sexual Violence


This project is developed through a large research on the support given by the Ford Foundation  in the period 1990 - 2002 to projects that  combat VAW in eight countries: South Africa, Brazil, China, Egypt, United States, India, Palestine and Russia. The results of this project will be published in a book entitled "Violence Against Human in the International Context: Challenges and responses".

The project Women´s Citizenship was part of the Regional Pilot Program for Prevention and Support in Interfamilial Violence Against Women. From June, 2000 to September, 2002 CEPIA, with support from the State Human Rights Secretariat (SEDH), the Interamerican Development Fund, and the United Nations Development Fund for Women, carried out this project in the community Vila do João, located in Complexo da Maré, Rio de Janeiro.

The objective was to introduce the discussion about questions relating to gender and domestic violence in the community, to facilitate the access of the women in the community to the full exercise of their rights, and help them confront domestic violence.

Learn more accessing the folder PROJETO CIDADANIA DAS MULHERES: Balanço das atividades 2000-2002

CEPIA has visited various Rio de Janeiro Municipal Health Centers, alerting them about the necessity of using condoms during sexual relations.

This intervention is done while the women are waiting for consultation in the health units, as well as, in the municipal obstetric nursing wards through the showing of six videos produced by the institution. These videos have as a central theme Women and HIV/AIDS Prevention.

The videos are followed by a debate about the questions raised in the audiovisuals, with an emphasis on sexuality and gender relationships.

This project has the support of the Health Ministry. The realization of this project was done in partnership with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Social Service School. The students worked in the waiting room of the health units under the guidance of the professors Ludmila Cavalcanti and Luciana Zucco.

During one year of activity we have been able to reach approximately 5000 women, and with the renewal of the partnership with the Health Ministry we will be able to give continuity to this work that serves to motivate safe sex.

In 2001, on the basis of projects that come developing since 1995, the CEPIA, in accord with the National Advice of the Rights of the Woman, current State secretary of Human Rights - SEDIM, developed the Project Human Violence Against the Woman and Rights: a proposal of qualification of policemen.

In this accord, CEPIA accomplished in 2001 the Human Rights Meeting X Violence against Woman: Acting in the Qualification of Policemen, congregating representative of 19 groups and deriving institutions of 11 Brazilian states, that acts the fight against the violence of sort of form to define a qualification model to be implemented in diverse states of the federacy.

Some groups that had participated of this Meeting already had initiated its works in the states of Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Alagoas e Bahia. Worried about the perfectioning of the politics directed toward the protection and defense of the women, CEPIA is still a part of the Commission of Security of the Woman of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

This initiative had continuity in the following years, and, in the period of 2005-2006, CEPIA co-ordinated an ample project of qualification of policemen in diverse Brazilian states.

In the health area, CEPIA worked in partnership with the City department of Health of Rio de Janeiro, training 142 professionals of the team and created a Net of Services to atend the Victims of Sexual Violence, including 6 hospitals of emergency and 6 maternities.

An important result of this project was the creation of a net of Services of Attendance of the Victims of Sexual Violence fortifying the joint work of diverse hospitals.

This project produced the following materials:

Cartilha Violence against woman - A defense guide, orientation and support;

Folders destined to the users of Net SUS with the relation of the addresses of the health services that to the women and girls take care of victims of sexual violence.

“Colas de bolso” destined to the doctors, it contents norms and techniques of the Health Department for these cases.


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